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  • Slipknot, Lightfoot, Red bound for Erie

    The lull is over. Shows are rolling into Erie like fog rolls into London. It's not clear why we're getting them, but they're suddenly coming, so best not to ask questions.

  • 'Weird Al' Yankovic returns to Erie

    Now this is weird. Weird Al Yankovic plans to announce his Mandatory World Tour dates in about 11 days, but we already know he's coming to Erie.

  • Music Muse: The Doc's faves of 2014

    So 2014 won't go down as a great year in music, but the albums that stood out most made strong personal statements. The Doc's favorites

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  • Big music night

    July 8, 2014

    This is a big music night for Erie…on a Tuesday? Yes, which can mean only one thing. It’s time for 8 Great Tuesdays. The show will go on, despite today’s earlier Hurricane Khan, as in wrath of. Was it brutal or what? Eric Brewer, Doug Phillips and Ron Sutton will forge a backing band that [...]

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